Krasl Art Gallery in St. Joe, Michigan.

Krasl Art Gallery in St. Joe, Michigan.

I’ve always approached fashion design as an art, so it was no accident that the Krasl Art Gallery in St. Joe Michigan became the first venue to showcase my new line.

While I’ll be soon unveiling my work in more traditional retail shops (I’m fortunate there are already stores waiting), I wanted to start this journey in an art gallery where my new line is featured in their gift shop.

I think because of the utilitarian nature of clothing, people have a hard time grasping that fashion can also be art. Clothing expresses emotions, reveals details about one’s inner nature, and can tell a story as much as a painting or sculpture.

Just like art, if the fashion is handmade and from the heart and soul of the designer, then it too can evoke feelings unique to that piece.

And what can be more fun than being able to wear art so people can see it and react? It’s the epitome of Living Art.


Designer Missy Moody (from left) and Brittany Stecker of Krasl Art Gallery on St. Joe, MI next to their featured display of upcycled M2 hats, Mar. 21, 2014.