Welcome to Melissa Moody’s Blog!

After 20 years of crafting designs holding onto my dreams, I was able to launch my own fashion design studio, FAFA (Form & Fashion America). We are starting small, our vision is grand, including earth-friendly, upcycled and organic garments, made-in-usa fabrics and exotic picks like surprisingly soft bamboo.

Form And Fashion America (FAFA), designs and handcrafts each style in Michigan, one garment at a time. We are now featuring domestically source denim in some of our hats and purses.

Upcycled garments, like fabulous bags, skirts and even jackets, radiate history like an antique, yet are newly designed and sown to last for years of dope style.

When a garment is handmade, the creation takes on a spirit of its own. That creative energy then lives on in whoever wears it.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will also check out our Online Store.