Knit Alley Hats

20140217_124719“Inspiration for Alley Hats comes from discovering second-hand fabrics and the need for soft and flexible fabrics that can be very warm for Michigan winters and eco friendly.” said designer Missy Moody. “There are heaps of barely worn sweaters in second-hand stores made from high-quality fabrics.  Over time,  they become dated.  Suddenly, they become of no use and wind up in a landfill. When I save fabric, I re-purpose it, and eventually a  unique one of a kind knit hat emerges. The result is an Alley Hat. Keeps you warm, maintains a youthful appearance and honors the environment. Its a win, win, win.


“Wearing a hat to stay warm often means sacrificing style, but I wanted to do the opposite with my knit hats. I wanted people to actually enhance their style statement when they wore one.”